Welcome to our coalition's website on Asset Development!

Here you'll find information on the Search Institute's Developmental Assets Framework and how we have used this model to revolutionize our work with young people and the communities in which they live.

On this site you'll find stories celebrating local "Asset Builders", ideas and tips on how you can build assets in kids, some of the local initiatives and programs that have assets at their core, and information on how to connect with us and support a community that is more resilient and resistant to drug and alcohol abuse. 


We welcome your comments, additions and most of all, your participation in building an asset rich community here in Southern Illinois.

The Developmental Asset Framework is copyrighted and trademarked by the Search Institute.  We are grateful for all of the support, training and resources made available by them.  Please visit them for even more exciting information and tools.
Building a stronger and healthier community in Southern Illinois by building assets in young people.
Our coalition developed this video to help explain our interest and work with the developmental assets.  Enjoy!
Email us at:  devassets@live.com

BASIC is a Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth Coalition affiliate of the Search Institute